Virgo january 21 weekly horoscope

It reminds me to remind her that she is having what is known as a Lunar Return, and to tell her to pay attention to the new influences that will be building up in her life for the next hours, and over the course of the next 28 day period.

The Aquarius Moon reminds me to pay more attention to my own life as well. If all of this is news to you, Draconic astrology goes all the way back to Babylonian times, and probably even further. In the modern era, it was Edgar Cayce who resurrected this system.

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As some of you know, Edgar Cayce was a seer and a prophet. Whenever he channeled for people, more often than not, he included an astrological analysis. When asked about this, Cayce explained that he was using a different system of calculation.

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In the Draconic system the planets and angles in the Tropical chart are recalculated. Their positions are adjusted according to the distance in degrees between the North Node of the Moon, and what is known as the Aries Point. That interval is added to, or subtracted from, every planet and point in the birth chart.

The result is the Draconic horoscope. One could say that the Draconic horoscope is the soul map.

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If this seems a little too aerie-faerie, it is not. When the Draconic chart is superimposed over the Tropical horoscope, a secondary set of aspects is formed that reveal a great deal about a person.

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It is also the case that when analyzing transits and progressions, or even points in a solar return, the aspects that are formed to the Draconic chart will yield tremendous insight into an individual and their issues at any given point in time. Hard transits to the Draconic chart could be seen as spiritual milestones, points in time where the lessons hit a little harder and evoke changes that go a lot deeper.

Anyone who decides to get their chart read would do well to ask the astrologer to talk to them about their Draconic horoscope. Over time, once an individual gets past the distractions that keep us focused on outer things, the Draconic chart becomes more important, more of a touchstone that guides us closer to our Higher Self. When it gets like this you wish you could spin straw into gold. Worry and fear have a tendency to feed on themselves.

Repetitious thoughts act to multiply the angst, and because thoughts are things, "Boom", there you sit perpetuating the problem. The trick to creating our own reality lies in being able to catch ourselves before we tie too many issues up in knots.


Learning how to be at ease with the thought that you really ARE supported by the Universe is where it's at this week. By the time you read this several issues, and other bones of contention will reveal themselves to be a hell of a lot different than they look right now.

Keep the faith. Switzerland or bust? On Monday, October 7, it may be hard to stay neutral as stalwart Saturn in Capricorn clashes with the fair-minded Libra Sun.

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Libra's solar power brings objectivity, helping us see both or all 20 sides of every argument. But, as the saying goes, she who stands for nothing falls for everything. Trying to be high-minded or uninvolved could sow dissension throughout the ranks. People will want to know: Are you with us or against us?

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This can force some folks to make a difficult decision, either abandoning groupthink or choosing to go along for the sake of the team. It's ultimately up to every individual to decide what's most important. Cuffing season arrives with an extra dollop of sex appeal starting Tuesday as vixen Venus dons her sultriest apparel and slinks into Scorpio's red room until November 1.

For the next three weeks, keep a firm privacy policy in place. This is NOT the time to incite a riot on Instagram with a mysterious ring photo or to churn up drama by alluding to a potential situationship that might not even really be happening. If you were born under the sign of Virgo, you have a week in which you will have an urgent financial commitments.

They will definitely have a favorable development for you, but the workload will be high. At times, you may be frustrated or angry about something.

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This week, surprisingly, you or someone else will abandon a promise or plan that you have agreed to. This is likely to be due to a new practical assessment of certain circumstances in your life. New unexpected events or experiences may put you off temporarily, but rest assured that their development will not hurt you. During the week, you will have phone calls or receive information from friends, that will require additional verification or clarification. During the week, stay alert to manipulation attempts, putting you into a state of hostility with other people.

Your meetings this week will bring you very strong emotions and experiences.