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The signature should begin at a point, turn clockwise and slant upwards. Number 2 persons should not have name in number 2. Number 2 persons should have their names on lucky numbers 1, 5, 3 and 6. But they should avoid their name on 2, 4, 8 and 9. If the birth number is not lucky then name should be devised on the sum number.

And suppose you choose 1 as your name number then status of planets associated with it should be taken into account. For example you choose 46 then status of Rahu and Venus should be taken into account.


And if you choose 37 as your lucky number then the status of Ketu and Jupiter should be taken into account. Here are the characteristics of number 2 people whose name number sums up to 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, and 56 and so on. It represents imagination, parenthood, conception, childhood and dreams.

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It applies both to both people and entities. They are extremely imaginative and inventive but not as forceful as could be in carrying out their plans and ideas. But development in their life will not be constant. Mostly they are secretive and never let anyone know what the next move might be. At times they may lack self confidence. It represents two numbers of the same or the opposite situations. Two forces or two desires stand apart and must ultimately unite for happiness.

They will do many business and will succeed. But disappointments and sudden accidents are part of their lives.

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They have to be very careful in money matters. It is not a material number so it is doubtful regarding financial success. People having name number 20 may have occasional delays and obstacles in their plans but these obstacles may be removed through their developing patience.

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They will serve society with a sense of dedication. Life of these people is filled with uncertainty, treachery, deception from others, unreliable friends and unexpected dangers. These people should certainly change the spellings of their name as this number is not satisfactory in many respects. Life Path Number - Online Calculator Life Path number is considered to be the most influential number in your numerological chart. It is sometimes referred to as the "Destiny number". Your Life Path number is derived from your date of birth.

Birthday Number Birthday Number is one of the most important information about a person.

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It tells us about personal characteristics, lessons learned, as well as about weaknesses which should be avoided. Hidden within the intricate array of numbers in a person's Numerology chart are numbers that seem to improve his or her "luckiness quotient.

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A study of thousands of people and their Numerology charts suggest that certain numbers have specific effects on the people connected to them. Each and every one of us has "lucky numbers," for instance. There are algorithms behind those numbers, upon which lucky number software programs are based. You can always benefit from knowing your personal lucky numbers by inserting them into things you use every day, like your phone number, personalized license plate and so forth. Keep in mind, however, that the introduction of your personal lucky numbers to a game of chance in no way influences or manipulates the process behind the distribution, selling and drawing of lottery tickets.

It simply adds some "weight" to your ticket. There is no guarantee that this added weight will lead to success.

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In fact, when you look at what happens to people who win huge amounts of money, you may conclude that, for some of them, buying a winning ticket was decidedly unlucky divorce, loss of friends, misery, bankruptcy, etc. You may even consider the fact that you have not won any significant amount of money to have been very, very lucky indeed. This means that we may never know when being "lucky" or "unlucky" are the opposite of what they seem in the long run.

In other words, we may never be able to devise a statistic that determines the luckiness quotient of individuals. After all, though my wife may be lucky at the slots, she is obviously not so lucky with her choice of husband, as I blow her winnings as fast as she can accrue them. On the other hand, I am very fortunate with my choice of life partner, as it allows me to play the slots for hours at a time without spending a dime.