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Out of which the Moon makes the fastest and Mars makes the slowest transition.

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Social Planets: Also known as transpersonal planets, the social planets transits between personal and collective planets. The two social planets are- Jupiter and Saturn. Collective Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the collective planets. These planets are the slow-moving planets that may take 12 to 49 years to come to the same position in the natal chart. The transition of planets is studied with the help of astrological houses. With the help of houses, you may easily figure out the possibilities and explore the various opportunities and shortcomings you may face in the future.

Your Astrology Chart is divided into 12 sections — both inner and outer sides. The outer 12 section represents the placement of the 12 zodiac signs each with a degree area while the inner sections signify 12 astrology houses. The position of signs and planets in these houses represents the specific aspects that influence your personality and life events.

Houses – First

Each house may have no, one or more than one planets in it. The number of planets in the house is an important indication by the Universe. With the help of a birth chart calculator, you may study the positions and their vigorous effects on your life. Astrology is a powerful tool to explore what you are and how can you lead a better life. The planets, stars, houses and various significant aspects of your birth chart are the highlights which need to be understood for clear insight into the future.

By understanding and learning how to read and analyze your birth chart , you may rewrite your fate. But the potential and choice to do it always lie in your hand, remember it! Looking for something? What is Astrology Birth Chart? Important Parts of Astrology Birth Chart Your astrology birth chart comprises three basic components that share information about you and your life.

If you misunderstand the Astrological Houses, you misunderstand important parts of your personality

Primal Triad 2. Planets 3. Primal Triad You might have heard of your Sun sign. Planets According to Astrology, planets have deep influence over the lives of people. Here is the list of planets and the area they influence: 1. Pluto- transformation, inner power, and changes Planets are further distributed into three groups- personal, social and collective planets. Astrology Houses Your Astrology Chart is divided into 12 sections — both inner and outer sides.

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It reveals what you are, your first impression and the outer look. Your cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Conclusion Astrology is a powerful tool to explore what you are and how can you lead a better life. Related Post. August 22, August 21, October 7, October 1, Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Primary education.

HOUSES 1-6 in Astrology Explained (Birthchart) - 2019

Perceptions and speech. Your brothers and sisters, relatives and neighbors. Your roots. The past. Family of origin, especially your mother. How you like your home to be. Also rules romance, love affairs, fun, and amusements. Your talents, hobbies, and pleasures. Duties, day-to-day responsibilities, and mundane tasks. Daily work. Servants and dependents. Pets and small animals. Sickness and health. Hygiene and sanitation. Duos and duels. Peace and war. Cooperation and lack thereof.

Marriage and divorce.

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Open enemies. Joint ventures. Business partners. Legal contracts.

The 12 Astrological Houses: Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

Court trials. The extraction of essences. Death and legacies. The stock market. Sex and regeneration. Sexual attitudes and behavior. Marriage and shared resources. Searches for new horizons.

Distant travel. Residence in foreign lands. Philosophy and religion.

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Higher education, advanced training, teaching. Publishing, publicity. Law, the courts.

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