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Intimate relationships need a new approach, and we can see this more clearly now. Sun aligned with retrograde Mercury. Sextile Saturn and Pluto, trine Neptune. This Full Moon is powerful for gaining perspective on a past matter, helping us start fresh through this new insight. This is your New Moon! Square Neptune. Mars trine Neptune is creative, visionary, and intuitive. However, Venus feels a little trapped.

A somewhat problematic but intuitive and creative Full Moon related to a partnership for Sagittarius. Aligned with Jupiter and trine Uranus. This New Moon sets the ball rolling for a brilliantly productive period ahead. For Sagittarius, a brilliant time of new hope and beginnings related to money, talents, and resources. Please note that these key dates are synopses — quick summaries of astro events — that are covered more in-depth in the monthly horoscopes and daily horoscopes. Every year, we see challenges and opportunities in different areas. The following chart shows the outer planets and other points in relation to your sign, revealing whether they are harmonizing with or challenging Sagittarius:.

Grey is neutral no direct relationship, but can be picky, nagging ,. Pink is challenging the planet is in direct, challenging relationship to your sign ,. Do keep in mind that challenging influences can bring about great rewards and developments. For month to month overviews, see Sagittarius Monthly Horoscopes , and for daily influences, see Sagittarius Daily Horoscopes.

You have wonderful support from Jupiter and Chiron this year, Sagittarius. Both planets are in Fire signs for much of the year. Areas of change and occasional disruption tend to be in the areas of work, health, habits, finances, and business. Go big in these areas, but know your limits! Until December 2nd , Jupiter continues to move through your solar first house. This exciting transit occurs only every twelve years or so, and continues to bring improvements to your immediate environment and self-confidence, as well as increased generosity to your personality.

Your personality is more obviously expansive, exuberant, and enthusiastic. This transit heightens your optimism and generosity, and the entire cycle has the potential for being a relaxed, fortunate, and hopeful time in your life. You are greeting life with a fresh, can-do attitude.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

What happened in the past is not very important to you now - it's the future you're eyeing now. Events occur that help you to overcome problems that previously seemed challenging or even insurmountable - you have an altogether different perspective on life now, and are not inclined much to sweat the small stuff. You create a distinct first impression on others, and your likability increases. People thoroughly enjoy being around you, not because of what you do, but because of who you are. Furthering your personal ambitions and interests comes more easily during this cycle.

At times, you may feel like the sky is the limit! You might need to guard against becoming too full of yourself or overly self-interested, however. There is also a risk of overindulgence and other forms of excessive behavior. Jupiter can bring endings into your life in order for you to grow, although these are generally easy ones. A carefree attitude is different than a careless one, and the fine line between the two is definitely something to consider.

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You feel considerably freer to be yourself right now, and others tend to accept you more readily. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once, although they are more likely due to Jupiter's direct influence on your life. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life, and always watch for overdoing things or carelessness. Expanding your horizons through higher learning or travel might also figure strongly. This is a time for aligning your behavior with what you believe is right.

You are taking more "me" time, which is in fact long overdue after a period of serving, supporting, and helping others. The most favorable periods for these matters occur while Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar first house from January 1-April 10, and from August December 2. During this cycle that lasts about thirteen months, you are likely to see and enjoy benefits to your earning power and value system.

Jupiter in this part of your chart could very well bring a profitable and productive period. You are likely to feel more confident and enthusiastic about your ability to earn a living, and this can help you to attract more income, as long as you are realistic. You might decide to develop your talents during this Jupiter cycle, which in turn boosts your earning power. Your income might increase, and there may be an opportunity to improve your future financial situation.

However, you could be just as inclined to splurge on yourself, opting to plump up your nest or your store of personal possessions in order to feel more secure. Money problems from the past may clear up during this period if you use it appropriately, developing budgets and working out ways to better manage your resources. You may be adding to your possessions, you might receive a large item or gift, or a major purchase or sale might occur now.

A significant gift or bonus may come your way. This is a good time to work with financial institutions, shoot for a raise, or apply for a loan. You may need to curb an inclination to overspend - feeling good could bring you to the stores as you temporarily forget about the future! The positive circumstances associated with this transit won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life.

During this cycle, you bring a fresh, positive, and confident attitude towards your own self-worth and value, as well as to your practical affairs, including work and career. Your attitude is a "can do" one now. New business ventures can be successful and ongoing ones can thrive with extra attention and confidence.

Saturn here urges you to take stock of your effectiveness, self-worth, and finances. This stage of your life may have involved hard work, but not necessarily of an unpleasant variety! Financial success is generally steady, if slow to come by. However, what you build now has long-lasting value. This transit has traditionally been associated with financial loss, but in truth, it is more about our perceptions—you are likely to review how effective you have been on a financial level to date, and find some dissatisfaction with your progress.

In fact, gains may be slow, but sudden reversals are not common with this transit. You work on your effectiveness in the world, and see exactly what has been holding you back from achieving the results you want.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

The challenge here is to capture the newly found and defined self-confidence you gained while Saturn was in Sagittarius, and now apply it in the real world. Look for overlapping or unnecessary expenses and other redundancies, and aim to rid yourself of material clutter. You are challenged to better manage your personal resources, and to come up with a fair and realistic assessment of your value or worth as well. You may be necessarily more cautious about entering into heavy financial commitments during this period, and more cautious in general with spending.

Worries can surface about your earning power, but as you progress, the ideal end result will be a stronger sense of what you are capable of earning, better spending and saving habits, and a more realistic budget. Cutting back on some luxuries may be in order, but you may just discover that the security you gain is more important than the luxuries you let go. Uranus transits your solar sixth house from March 6th forward. The solar sixth house is the sector of work, daily routines, and health. At the root of this is an urge to break free from the confines of routine as well as some distaste for fitting into a mold.

Ideally, through the course of this transit, you get to a better routine, job, or set of habits that allow you enough freedoms to explore your creativity. This year and for years to come, you move towards a fresher approach to how you approach your work and the daily details of your life. Your working hours may become non-traditional, or you might be moving towards a more unconventional job.

Work that is limiting or lifeless really drags you down, and you tend to approach tasks with erratic or haphazard energy—you work tirelessly at certain times, and procrastinate at other times, for example. Progressive, part-time, or unconventional tasks hold the most appeal to you these days. While some of you may be more interested in alternative health practices, some of you may be ignoring important health routines.

Watch for carelessness with your health. Try to keep regular health appointments. There may be some confusion about your goals, or challenges in your close personal relationships, particularly involving family ties. A noncommittal attitude in your personal life could leave people in your life feeling frustrated with you as you attempt to find yourself.

Your self-image is being re-worked, and you are becoming more sensitive to a greater, perhaps more spiritual, sense of purpose. During this cycle, you may find that you require more sleep than usual and that you are easily drained. This can be a reflection of inner confusion and a natural need for more rest and meditation. Pluto continues its lengthy transit of your second house this year. Attitudes towards finances and possessions, as well as money itself and personal values, continue to transform this year.

Optimism and growth including mental and spiritual growth come under its rule. On the up side, Jupiter is associated with a sense of humor, good will, and mercy. The more negative manifestations of Jupiter include blind optimism, excess, and overindulgence. Irresponsibility that results from blind optimism, not ill will, can be displayed. There are three Fire signs : Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. With Fire, we have pride, passion, courage, creativity, and impulse -- all traits associated with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer—half-man, half-horse.


In Greek mythology, centaurs were adventurous, brave, and wise, although also given to brawling and uncivilized behavior. There are four mutable signs : Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Mutable signs are flexible, adaptable, and changeable. Although they can be inconsistent and lack follow-through, they are ready to make small changes and adjustments to accommodate others. The glyph of Sagittarius' planetary ruler, Jupiter , is depicted here. Jupiter's glyph, or symbol, shows the crescent of receptivity rising above the cross of matter.

Jupiter encourages us to reach, expand, and improve. Tin represents knowledge, wisdom, balance, philosophy, and mediation. It's also connected to prosperity. Gems associated with Sagittarius include the azurite , blue sapphire , and topaz depicted here. Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign and is associated with the ninth house. The ninth house rules our personal belief system, our sense of adventure, exploration, religious beliefs and personal philosophy, higher education, long-distance travel, morals, foreign languages and cultures, personal truths, publishing, commerce. Restless, cheerful, and friendly, Sun in Sagittarius people are generally on the go.

They have a love of freedom, and a disdain for routine. Generally quite easygoing, Sagittarians make friends with people from all walks of life. They love to laugh and tease, and get along well with both sexes. Sagittarians have an often blind faith in people, and in the world. Their optimism is infectious, although it can get them into trouble from time to time.

These are curious people who love to learn.

Sagittarius 12222 Love Horoscope

Their idealistic nature is hard to miss. Although generally easygoing, Sagittarius is a fire sign. This gives natives a generally quick temper. The need for escape is generally strong, and some Solar Sagittarians come across as a little irresponsible.

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After all, their direct, honest approach in life is admirable. More than anything, Lunar Sagittarians have a need for personal freedom and space. Lunar Sagittarians have a simultaneous need for activity. Meeting new people, going out in the world, and travel are all important to their sense of well-being. They love open spaces, and, in their homes, a roomy and bright environment. They easily forget appointments and the like, and some are even considered irresponsible. However, it is hard to stay angry at a Lunar Sagittarian! They are so cheerful and upbeat, and their optimism is catchy.

Many people with this position are outdoorsy types. At the very least, they have a great love for friendly competition. When the going gets tough, these people run away. They simply believe that everything will work out. Not much for making detailed plans, people with Moon in Sagittarius prefer to wing it. Freedom of thought is what Mercury in Sagittarius strives for — at least in theory. These people communicate in an optimistic, forward-looking manner. Remember, they mean well. These people have vision. Not always thrilled about focusing on details, Mercury in Sagittarius people prefer to expand their mental horizons through thinking and reading about larger subjects, like philosophy.

Their thirst for knowledge can be insatiable, but they have little patience with dry academics or cold, hard facts. Theirs is a restless intellect. Capricorn Dec Jan Aquarius Jan Feb Pisces Feb Mar Switzerland or bust? On Monday, October 7, it may be hard to stay neutral as stalwart Saturn in Capricorn clashes with the fair-minded Libra Sun.

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