Aries aries sibling compatibility

Find out how much compatible you are with your sibling according to their zodiac sign. Sibling rivalry is a very commonly used term; a term that defines our love-hate relationship we share with our siblings.


But then sibling relationship is a powerful bond that influences our adult relationships too. Astrologically, what are the traits associated with brothers and sisters of various sun signs holds the key to happiness at home. What kind of a relationship do you share with your siblings? Find out how compatible you are with your sibling and enjoy better relationship with them.. Siblings Compatibility Siblings can be each other s best friend or worst enemy. Aries Having an Aries as a sibling is perhaps a tough life for most people. This is because they are just about competitive and aggressive about anything and everything around.

They wrestle with you for the good stuff at home. They tease you about your studies or about your friends. They take you for granted but then they have a soft care for you on the inside. They have the idea that they possess the best in everything even if you are at the top rung.

Taurus A Taurus sibling is usually a lazy fellow who loves to sleep in all day long. He or she is a couch potato who does not care to do household chores. They hate fighting and are not quite competitive as well. However they are too possessive of their parents and want their undivided attention. They need parents who are very loving and supportive of them, else they lose heart.

Family Dynamics By Star Signs: How Compatible Are You Really?

But with time they mature and can be a good confidant. They help you out when you are in personal or financial distress. They are good in advising and pampering their siblings. Gemini A Gemini sibling is just fun to have as they have a good sense of humor and they are good in communication skills. However they are known to easily trick their siblings. They are social and bring home lots of friends. Some of them are known to make a huge fuss over nothing. But then as they grow older they are good in guiding their siblings.

If your Mom is a FIRE SIGN (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

They would have a good frank talk with you and are also fun to move around with. Cancer A Cancer sibling is very sensitive and emotional and loves to get the attention of their parents always.

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They need to be pampered and cared frequently. A Cancer sibling would be quite bossy to the other kids at home. The black sheep of the family. You are passionate and will do whatever it takes to get what you want. Prone to jealousy and are stubborn to the bitter end. A restless soul, you never want to stay in one place. You have a large circle of people you know, but only a few close friends. You use humor as both a way to make yourself stand out, and to cope with life.

As the middle child, you learned the fine art of patience. You act shy and reserved and hold grudges easily. You are outgoing and have no trouble making friends. You stand out from the crowd by always reinventing yourself and showing off your uniqueness, even if that makes you a little unpredictable. You are a people pleaser who just wants everyone to be happy. You are sensitive to teasing but also kind to others who are suffering. You seem to know when something is wrong and how you can make it right. As the baby of the family, there was always someone watching over you, making you more fun loving but less responsible.

You always seem to get your way. Then you might have more attention-seeking traits. When your siblings are freaking out, you know things will work themselves out. Young at heart, outgoing, and lively. You always want to be the center of attention, and are a little flighty at times. Free spirit, kind to others. Shy, but not afraid to ask for help. You develop deep and intimate relationships.

Fun-loving, outgoing, and craves being the center of attention. You either resent being the youngest because everyone bosses you around or love it because you will always be spoiled. Quiet and reserved around new people. Dreamy, easygoing and romantic. Because you are the youngest, you were easily tricked by your older siblings, making it hard for you to trust others. Emotional and exciting, you live for adventure and can be a little reckless.

You love to have a good time and live to be the center of attention, and often are because your magnetic energy excites all who come near you. Blindly optimistic that everything will work. Can be careless. Happy-go-lucky and with an easy sense of humor, you value freedom above all else. You have a great sense of humor and ambitious in getting what you want though you have a hard time staying disciplined.

Fun-loving and uncomplicated, every day is an adventure for you.

Taurus And Aries Compatibility

You tend to wing things and seek to stand out. You are deeply loyal and creative. Taken care of by your parents and siblings, you have a childlike quality about you.

Aries Family & Child Horoscope Astrology Predictions

While that makes you imaginative and kind, it also makes you unworldly and easily led. According to people with these star signs, it seems there are highs and lows to both. But it seems star sign expert Arundell is leaning towards the soon-to-be youngest Cambridge being a Taurean. They are very solid.

They are impetuous and act on instinct. While it seems, according to the experts, someone born under Taurus might make a better royal, we thought we would put his or her compatibility with Prince George to the test. According to dailyhoroscope. However if the baby is born under Aries it could have a sharp tongue and hurt Prince George, who as Cancer is supposed to be overly sensitive.

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  5. According to the site, insults could be hurled through childhood, but as adults a mutual love will be shared. Taurus and Cancer is a more harmonious match, according to the sibling compatibility test. Apparently a desire to protect and nurture will keep things peaceful — most of the time. And in adulthood this pairing is supposed to share pleasant memories of the childhood they shared.

    This Twitter user seems to agree with the notion a Taurean would be the best match for Prince George.